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Home » 2007 » July » 1 » Kjastas Puodzuks - Individual Latvian Champion
Kjastas Puodzuks - Individual Latvian Champion
Opened Individual Championship of Latvia ended, Kjastas Puodzuks has won it, in restart for the 1st he was ahead of Maxim Bogdanov, which became the second in a general result, Grigoriy Laguta took third seat.

Kyastas Puodjuks -3,3,2,3,3(14+3)
Maksim Bogdanov -3,3,3,3,2(14+2)
Grigoriy Laguta -2,2,3,3,3(13)
Tomash Bayerski -2,sh,3,2,3(10)
Roman Ivanov -2,3,3,1,1(10)
Il'ya Bondarenko -2,1,2,3,2(10)
Andrey Karpov -3,2,1,2,2(10)
Vladimir Trofimov -3,2,1,1,1(8)
Vyacheslav Giruckiy -1,3,1,0,3(8)
Aleksandr Ivanov -1,1,2,1,2(7)
Evgeniy Karavackiy -0,0,2,2,0(4)
Arte'm Laguta -1,1,0,2,0(4)
YAroslav Polyuhovich -0,2,0,0,1(3)
Evgeniy Petuhov -0,fs,1,1,0(2)
Leonid Paura -1,sh,0,0,1(2)
Evgeniy Kozlovskiy -0,1,0,0,p/i(1)

1. Karpov,G.Laguta,Giruckiy,Karavackiy
2. Kyastas,Bondarenko,A.Laguta,Kozlovskiy
3. Trofimov,Baerski,A.Ivanov,Polyuhovich
4. Bogdanov,R.Ivanov,Paura,Petuhov
5. Giruckiy,Polyuhovich,Kozlovskiy,Paura sh
6. R.Ivanov,Trofimov,A.Laguta,Karavackiy
7. Kyastas,Karpov,A.Ivanov,Petuhov-fs
8. Bogdanov,G.Laguta,Bondarenko,Baerski-sh
9. Bogdanov,A.Ivanov,Giruckiy,A.Laguta
10. Baerski,Karavackiy,Petuhov,Kozlovskiy
11. R.Ivanov,Bondarenko,Karpov,Polyuhovich
12. G.Laguta,Kyastas,Trofimov,Paura
13. Kyastas,Baerski,R.Ivanov,Giruckiy
14. Bondarenko,Karavackiy,A.Ivanov,Paura
15. Bogdanov,Karpov,Trofimov,Kozlovskiy
16. G.Laguta,A.Laguta,Petuhov,Polyuhovich
17. Giruckiy,Bondarenko,Trofimov,Petuhov
18. Kyastas,Bogdanov,Polyuhovich,Karavackiy
19. Baerski,Karpov,Paura,A.Laguta
20. G.Laguta,A.Ivanov,R.Ivanov,Kozlovskiy-p/i
21. Puodjuks, Bogdanov

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nooooooooooo świetnie Kostia,świetnie


Noo Gratuluje Kostia ;)) pieknie ;)) pozdrówki ;) :*

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