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Europeans Club Championship, Semifinal
Now for Rivne fans is above all disappointment of season appearances of the Ukrainian club in the domestic semifinal of Cup of the European champions, which on July, 21 passed in Rivne.
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In Grudzendze local command won Start Gnezno with the account 59:31. The best there was Hefenbrok Chistian in Grudzendze - 15 pnt., Kjastas Puodzuks in Start was the best- 7+1 pnt. also not bad Dawid Czeslewicz collected 7 pkt
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Uragan - Lokomotiv (foto)
Fotos from the race "Uragan" - "Lokomotiv" by Andreiko. See the fotos >>>
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"Uragan" - "Lokomotiv" 55:36
Today "Hurricane" from Rivne "walked" on "Lokomotive" with the account 55:36! Already after 2th arrival "Hurricane" took leadership and held him right to end. The best among rivne-riders there was Pavel Miesiac- 15 pnt., A.Karpow and Kjastas Puodzuks collected 14 pnt.
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Kjastas Puodzuks - Individual Latvian Champion
Opened Individual Championship of Latvia ended, Kjastas Puodzuks has won it, in restart for the 1st he was ahead of Maxim Bogdanov, which became the second in a general result, Grigoriy Laguta took third seat.
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SGP 2007 Qual. round
Sunday in Miskolc a qualifying selection took place to the rounds of Grand-Prix 2008. Victory was got by Rory Schlein, which collected 14 pkt., Piotr Protasevich was the second, which in restart heat won over G'edde Charley and left it on the third place, also the Russian Gizatullin Denis passed to the next round. Kjastas Puodzuks unfortunately did not pass in the next circle of competitions.
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Kjastas second on the World Junior Champ.
Today in Latvian Daugavpils on the semifinal of World Championship among juniors the Russian Emil Saifutdinov carried day, which collected a complete set - 15 pnt., an owner was the second to track - Kjastas Puodzuks - 12 pnt.
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Start - Lublin 40:50
Yesterday Start had a very important race against Lublin, after 2 first heats result was 10:2 in behalf on local, but problems began already further...Gniezno defeat 40:50. Best there was Kjastas Puodzuks in owners - 10 pkt., and in Lublin - Dariusz Sledz 13+1 pkt.
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STMK "Turbine" - "Hurricane" 40:50 Kjastas have 15 pnt.
Today "Hurricane" won over the STMK "Turbine" with account 40:50!
Kjastas Puodzuks take 15 pnt.
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Sipma Lublin - Start Gniezno 53:37
Yesterday Lublin at home won Start of Gniezno with the account 53:37. This skipped match of Gnezno had a chance to win, but unfortunately without a single legionnaire won Lublin at itself on track. In "Lublin" all rode exactly, the best there was Tomash Pysch 13+1pnt., in Gnezno best was Allen Oliver 15 pnt. Kjastas Puodzuks managed to collect 5 pkt.
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