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Today a race took place Russian leagues between commands "Hurricane" and STMK "Turbine". Rivne team won with the account 53:36, but tension lasted up to a 11 arrival, only after this arrival a "Hurricane" dotted final above victory.
Legionnaires declared oneself: Kjastas Puodzuks and Tomasz Chrzanowski, each of which collected a complete set with 15 pnt.
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"URAGAN" - "VOSTOK" 45:45
Todays in very hard match between Uragan and Vostok Kjastas take 11 pnt. In the 15 heat Kjastas can't make great ride because he have a problem with a bike.
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"Uragan" Rivne - "Lukoil" Oktabrskiy 49:41
Kjastas Puodzuks in a race for Ukrainian "Hurricane" against "Lukoil" declared oneself from the best side at the innaguration of season of the Russian league. A "hurricane" won with the account 49:41, from owners Matey Ferian were the best - 13 pkt., and also Kjastas Puodzuks - 12 pkt. Pictorial review soon ...
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"START" Gniezno - "LOTOS" Gdansk 47:43
Today in a home race "Start" won over "LOTOS" Gdansk with the account 47:43. For Gdansk this was the first league race in which well three declared oneself only: N. Pedersen, Krzysztof Jab³oñski and Tomasz Chrzanowski. In Start Dawid Cieœlewicz was the best, Kjastas Puodzuks drove out only twice and collected in a sum 3 points + 2 bonus.
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Intar Lazur Ostrow - Start Gniezno 61:32
Today the first league race of Kjastas Puodzuks took place in the 1th Polish league. Intar Lazur Ostrov won over Start of Gnezno with the account 61:32. After 11th arrival the break between commands was considerable 49:17, but on the last arrivals the racing drivers of Start all the same rescued the command from the defeat. Kyastas collected 4 pkt. in four arrivals.
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Kjastas signed a contract with SK Trofimow in Rivne
On April, 5 "Speedway Club of Trofimov" signed a contract with Kjastas Puodzuks, on appearances for Rovno in the opened command championship of Russia.
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6th place in Gustrow
On Saturday Kjastas Puodzuks came forward in the personal tournament in Gustrove (Germany). In the first arrival confidently leading during almost all distance, Puodzuks from problems with a technic was forced at the end of arrival to be literally gone rolling to the finish. As a result in place of three points just one in an asset. In the tournament of Kjastas took 6th place.
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Foto: sparing Start - PSZ Poznan
FOTO: Sparing, Start - PSZ Poznan, 04.04
Foto from Marcin Blaszczyk
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