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Start Gniezno - PSZ Poznan 57:35
Today in sparing Start of Gniezno won over PSZ Poznan with the account 57:35. From the beginning of match Start gave to know that they are adjusted on victory. Perfectly Kjastas Puodzuks came forward in sparing, winning in all heats, the same collecting a complete set - 14+1 points, a good result was also shown by his partner - Dawid Ciesliewicz- 13 points and 1 bonus.
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Presentation in Gniezno
On April, 1, in Gniezno presentation of Start took place in the city palace of sport, on presentation there was present plenty of fans. Presentation began from a short film about last year's season of Start Gniezno, then short presentation of command leaders took place and certainly participants of team. Every fan which came on presentation was possibility to chat with the members of command, to be taken picture or be taken autographs.
Foto from presentation
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Sparing: Start - Lukoil 53:36
Today Start won over Russian Lukoil with the account 53:36. From a very good side declared oneself Adrian Gomolski and Kjastas, only they were able to win in arrivals of leader of Lukoil - Denis Gizatullin which collected 13 points. In Start Dawid Ciesliewicz was the best - 14 points.
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Smash in Gniezno
Todays sparing-revenge for Start ended by defeat with Polonia Bydgosch. First Start conducted two arrivals in a draw, but already since the third arrival of Polonia began to smash Gnezno. Sparing ended on 13th arrival with the account 25:52 in a benefit Polonia.
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Polonia Bydgoszcz - Start Gniezno 68:21
Few minutes ago sparring ended in Bydgoszcz between local Polonia and Start Gniezno. Victory of Bydgoszcz was obvious, racing drivers Polonia 12 from 15 arrivals won with the account 5:1, joint account of sparring - 68:21.
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Sparing: Gniezno - Bydgoszcz
Weather in Poland seems enabled to conduct sparings, that is why wards Yana Kshystynyaka have two sparings in these weekend, with the third command from Ekstraliga of past season is Polonia Bydgoszcz in 15:00.
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Heat trainings in Gniezno
Today the crash of speedway motorcycles was again audible in Gniezno. Trainings were more interesting than yesterday's, because was conducted as arrivals. According to the eyewitnesses of Kjastas felt well itself on track and won in many arrivals.
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Trainings on track in Gniezno
On Friday Kjastas drove out again to Poland, at first on Saturday in Ostrow to Master - Andrzey Kravchyk, which prepared a new engine and repaired last year's engine from Brian Karger. With two GM Kjastas left in Gniezno.
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Kjastas prepare to trainings on track
A few days ago Kjastas Puodzuks arrived in Daugavpils from training from Poland. Now Kjastas prepares the motors, so as by these weekend again departure will take place to Gniezno, where from Monday there are to begin trainings on track, and already in next Sunday is first sparing.
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Trainings of Start Gniezno
Already on Monday trainings collections of racing drivers of Start Gniezno begin before a season 2007. Representatives of "red-black" get out to Szklarskiej Poreby, and will practice in obedience to the plan of general development, which made Jan Kzhistinyak. On collections drives out weigh Polish composition of Start, and also Kjastas Puodzuks. Except for a trainer there will be a physiologist in a staff - Leshka Khibyaka, which will work with racing drivers and control their physical capabilities.
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